Ceramic Hexagon Water Cup

Φ76 x H83 mm . 200ml . 168g

Simple appearance, suitable for all kinds of home space.

Different from the transparent white and bright porcelain, the pottery possesses a unique personality of natural simplicity and low-profile elegance.

The unglazed color separation design on the bare bottom .Both hands can directly feel the raw ore clay from nature.

Exclusive color matching, glaze is bright and smooth, easy to clean, and without any foam left.

The hexagonal tableware with inner circle and outer arc implement the human touch and the longevity symbol of the hexagonal turtle shell into the product design.



  1. Please use a soft sponge for scrubbing, and do not use iron brushes or hard cleaning appliances to prevent scratches on the surface of the ceramics for prolonging the life of products.
  2. Due to the design and firing method, the bottom part of the ware is made of unglazed clay. It is recommended to wipe it dry, upside down or hang it after cleaning.
  3. After use, natural glaze cracks may occur on the surface of the product over time, which will add the charm of the work and will not affect the use, please rest assured.
  4. For pottery products, the black spots on the surface are the natural and unique appearance of the iron and minerals in the soil after high temperature firing.
  5. Part of the making processes are manual, not as uniform and neat as mechanized production, natural hand-made traces will produce flowing glaze, pulling glaze and air spots, the surface appearance and color of each work will be slightly different, which is also the charisma and personality of pottery.
  6. The above matters will not have any influence on the use, please rest assured.