2022 New Color Released, Jian-Shan Black



2022 New Color Released, Jian-Shan Black

Koga tableware released a series of ceramic tableware specially designed for Taiwanese in 2021, the original colors –  Danqing Green, Yingge White, Sheh-Shing Red and Kiln Yellow are received critical acclaim among consumers. The pre-order reached the fundraising goal within two hours on Zeczec crowdfunding website, and hit the store shelves successfully at Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten in Japan. Moreover, products are sold at WUZ, a domestic famous online shop, Marais, Pinkoi, and other channels. It was also officially launched in Eslite Bookstore Songyan, Xinyi, and Taichung Park Lane by CMP in August this year. It is expected that new tableware will be brought into the beautiful life of Taiwan and Japan every day.


The glaze color design of the Shu’s pottery products is based on the cultural heritage of Shu family and Yingge. Yingee White represents the gray sky of Yingge’s kiln burning smoke in the early stage, and Sheh-Shing Red is the name of the kiln founded by the first and second generations of Shu family. The red imagery of firing red steel bricks, red tiles, and bricks. Danqing Green is the green color of the Danqing bowl fired in the early days of Shu Hsin-Wang, the second-generation chairman of the Shu family, and the kiln yellow is the color of flame in the firing kiln.


Last year, the team was also preparing to develop this year’s new color. Because Yingge Jianshandui is rich in black soil, the team was inspired by this image and successfully developed “Jian-Shan Black” with matte colors. It is close to Modern minimalist style home space, and becomes the texture tableware that best complements the dishes on the table, weI hope you will like it.

Debut limited offer of 20 sets debuted, only in The Shu's Pottery little market between 2022.8.26~8.28